About Wales Quality Centre

About Wales Quality Centre

Wales Quality Centre is unique, it’s not just another training organisation, but a not for profit organisation and registered charity established without agenda to support Welsh Business to be the best that it can be. It was set up as a Centre of Excellence for Wales

The only reason we exist is to support you in your Improvement Journey

Our story is truly remarkable –

In the 1980’s Wales had something of an industrial revolution, on a small scale to be sure, but nonetheless still very important.

With a drive to attract business into Wales, to provide jobs for our future, with a focus on High Tech High Value employers, and with considerable success. Industrial sites sprung up across Wales and we saw investments from these companies.

This success however, created a challenge, we didn’t have sufficient skilled workers for a supply chain for these industries, so some of them got together and provided seed money to establish Wales Quality Centre, under the eager and eagle eye of Vincent Kane the renowned journalist with a reputation for holding politicians to account. He travelled the world to find the best and most successful catalysts for change to a culture of high quality and business excellence.

Wales Quality Centre was set up;

  • By Welsh Business for Welsh Business
  • To be independent and not government funded
  • To create a supply chain of highly skilled workforce
  • To support business to be efficient and sustainable
  • To provide high quality Jobs
  • To create a culture of continuous improvement
  • To make ‘Made in Wales’ synonymous with Quality

For over 30 years we have been supporting Welsh business, and whilst we have many new Members 8 of our first 10 Members are still with us and using our services.

From this heady beginning, we have weathered storms, political and economical, alongside our members, have expanded our portfolio to address evolving customer needs, and remain not for profit and independent.

Wales Quality Centre is a registered charity and not for profit organisation. Our mission is.

  • To support Welsh Organisations to be the best they can be.
  • To promote Business Improvement by dissemination of Best Practice
  • To support organisations to remain sustainable and competitive in a global marketplace through implementation support and training for quality and organisational improvement.
  • Business Excellence Health Checks and support for organisations to apply the Best Practice principles of the world renowned EFQM model.(European Foundation for Quality Management).
  • To foster a culture of innovation and provide management and people development in organisations to support the above initiatives.

If you want to be part of this amazing story and join the revolution, sign up to be a Member, have your say, and make WQC part of your improvement journey.

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