6 Sigma

6 Sigma

We offer 6 Sigma to Black Belt level as a bespoke In Company delivery.

Why 99.9% is not good enough. Our courses are well established and proven to deliver £millions verified savings for participating organisations through process improvements and improved quality, with a focus on application of learning. Working with organisations using real projects during training enables real savings and deployment from the outset.

Our focus is on application of learning and realisation of real verified benefits which cannot be achieved in an academic course of a few days duration. Consequently, our approach is focussed on an organisational approach rather than simply individual qualifications.

In this way organisations have effective immediate deployment; trainees are integrated into the organisations 6 Sigma programme and supported to achieve from the outset. WQC support organisations to create a culture of continuous improvement and efficiencies.

We recognise organisations have individual requirements depending upon the industry, We can deliver a typical 6 Sigma programme, or this can be flexed to accommodate individual needs.

All modules need to be completed to achieve the relevant belt qualification, but WQC will accept prior learning where appropriate for individual modules.

Green and Black Belt must include a real project within the company. Project Assessment feedback must demonstrate the methodology, activity and realisation of efficiencies and savings achieved verified by senior management.

6 Sigma modules are core tools and are qualifications in their own right and are available for delivery as discreet standalone modules.

  • 5S 5 Steps: A quality tool to standardise and maintain the processes of an organised, safe, clean and efficient workplace using the DMAIC approach.
  • 8D Structured 8 step quality tool - team orientated approach to problem solving
  • FMEA Failure Mode and Effects Analysis enables companies to reduce the risk of failure occurrence by anticipating and preventing defects
  • SPC Statistical Process Control
  • APQP Advanced Product Quality Planning - defined process for a product development system
  • Design of experiments an introductory insight to the methodology related to Taguchi Design of Experiments

We sometimes have grant funding available for this delivery, please enquire.

Contact us at info@walesqualitycentre.org.uk or telephone 01656 652063.